I give workshops for 1 or 2 persons. Duration of the workshops is 3 houres. The costs are € 60,- for 1 person and € 50,- for 1 person if you are with 2 persons. This is inclusive coffee, tea and materials.

What are you learning? Of course we can do what you want so this is just an indication.

Workshop 1
1. Explenation of beadmaking, for example:
   - security
   - sorts of glass
   - what you need
2. We start with little beads to learn the base things
3. Making a bead with spots and dots
4. Pulling stringers
5. Fantasty bead with lines and dots using the stringer(s)
6. Frit bead, raised or melted in
7. And if there is still time: a bead with hearts

Workshop 2
1. Fatasy bead with spots (poken and dot transparant on it), murrini’s, lines. dots
2. Bead with vertical lines and dots with at 4 points turnings.
3. Making of a simple twisters + use of it
4. Making of SIS + use of it (very nice on black + encasing)
5. Use of silver foil/leave
6. And if there is time: silver threads, silve rmesh

Workshop 3
1. Making of murrini’s + use of it at a bead
2. Making a complex twister + use of it in a wave bead
3. Blowing shards blazen + use of it
4. Making os a goldstone stringer + use of it
5. And what you want to know.

Workshop 4
1. Use of silver glass
2. Making very thin stringers + use of it
3. Using pixie dust/enamel
3. And what you want to know

There are two different toches a Nortel Mega Minor and a Isiheat, both arer Oxygen-Propane torches. Both can be used or tried.

Call me or send me an email to make an appointment.

Phone number: 036-5403152